PC Load Letter? What the heck does that mean?

PC is just “Print Cartridge” or “Paper Cartridge.”

Load is an English verb.

Letter is a size of paper commonly used in the United States and Canada, which measures 215.9 by 279.4 mm (or 8.5 by 11 inches if you’re American).

Welcome to my IT sidebar.  I’m a newly minted A+, so I need a space to ramble about that and about my various other IT japes.

As I allude to elsewhere on this site, I’ve been a computer nerd my for my entire life, using and loving computers since I was six years old.  I was always interested in taking them apart, seeing what made them tick, and repairing them when things would go wrong.  And since I only feel good when things are going wrong, I’ve been the warranty plan for (almost) every computer I or a family member has owned since my mid-teens.  Indeed, my most recent success was upgrading my mom’s Dell Latitude laptop from a hard drive to a solid-state drive, effectively making the thing handle like a brand new computer – and extracting another year of usefulness out of the thing before she has to replace it (and then, it’ll only be because of Windows 10 leaving its supported status).  I’ll have a brief writeup of the process for that soon – it’s an easy and fun way to drag a bit more life out of your older laptop.

Building and maintaining PCs and PC networks is more than a hobby for me – it’s a way for me to provide a useful service to my family and their business and to keep my skills sharp.  It also gives me an outlet as a PC gamer, hardware enthusiast, and inveterate tinkerer.

On this part of Extreme Computing, I plan to discuss traditional PC building and maintenance, network administration, cloud administration, and other such matters.  Keep your RSS reader (do people still use those!?) tuned to this frequency for further posts about the world of technology.